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Kristin M. 

Thomas and the NFN members were incredible! I hosted a 3 hour corporate event at a nice outdoor venue and NFN was the perfect touch to the evening. I originally hired them as nice background music to accompany my guests during cocktail hour and dinner. This wasn't a dancing group or event but some people couldn't help but move their feet! Also, the elevator was unexpectedly not working in the venue and they had to carry their equipment up several flights of stairs. They handled it professionally, without complaint, and managed to still get set up on time! Very great to work with and amazing music. 10/10 would recommend! 

Replied to Kristin M. 

Wow. Thank you so much. We had so much fun playing y'all. And the elevator issue worked out good. We needed some exercise anyway! Haha. Thank you for letting play for your group. Anytime your in the valley you are welcome to come out to a gig and if you ever need music, we are there for y'all. Happy Thanksgiving!! 

Scott and Thomas -Notes From Neptune 


Jacqueline M. 

They were AMAZING!!! We absolutely LOVED their professionalism, songs, ability to meet our style and were so easy going and great to work. HIGHLY recommend!! We'll be using them again for sure. 

Replied to Jacqueline M. 

Thank you so much for letting be pet of your wedding. We enjoyed ourselves as much as playing for you. We hope to see you again anytime and congratulations. You have a beautiful family. 

Scott and Thomas -Notes From Neptune 


Mary Ann Kettner -Review from Facebook 

Wow. Just experienced this band and I want more. Love there sound 


Jeremy Bieger -Review from Facebook 

Been fans of theirs for years. Never the same show & always a lot of fun. Great variety of todays hits & yesterdays classics plus some you may not recognize. No genre is off limits. Im not great at descriptions but I can tell you that I always see a smile on the crowds faces & when the show ends, theres always requests for the music to keep going. 

See them & a great time is guaranteed! 


Donald Friedlein -Review from Facebook 

Meet Note from Neptune. This band provides music for every taste. This band has a very clean and bluesy style, remixing both popular and the oldies in there own unique style that is both refreshing and pulls you in and before you know it your singing along lost in the music. If you haven't had a chance to enjoy a night with this group, look them up and treat yourself. 


Melinda Loukota -Review from Facebook 

They performed at a family friends wedding this afternoon. It was a great show and played music from various genres and eras. Awesome performance and happy to attend another show. 


Santos-Terri Diaz -Review from Facebook 

Thank you for playing at my fathers 60th birthday party. Everyone enjoyed and are still talking about you all. Great job and hope to have you come out again soon for another event! Highly recommended!!!