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"Notes From Neptune" is often described as a musical journey. While they have a blast will like the way you feel while listening to them! The band is comprised of Scott, a nylon string guitarist and Thomas, a saxophonist. Both have amazing vocals. They will take you back to the 80's classic rock with Pink Floyd and The Doors and then bring out the motown soul in you with Bill Withers and James Brown. They like to go modern with a little John Mayer and Gnarls Barkley and even swing the jazz a bit with their impression of Michael Buble and Louie Armstrong. Then there are their originals!!! 
Both Scott & Thomas are phenomenal muscians having each played for over 20 years. They started this trip together a little over a year ago and see a bright future ahead!
Don't forget to drop them an email and come check them out! We'll see you around!

Notes from Neptune - Scott Worstell and Thomas Love